Small things, BIG DIFFERENCE

Working together to make Sheffield the most compassionate city in the world

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Compassion is feeling empathy with others and taking action to help them.

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We all experience hard things like death, mental health issues or loneliness, to name just a few


It is often the small acts of kindness that make the biggest difference to help us through

Connecting and supporting people, communities and organisations to harness the power of compassion, will create a happier and healthier Sheffield.

What we do


Compassionate Sheffield Committee


Every month people from across the city come together over a video call. On the call people get updates and information about Compassionate Sheffield. Members share stories and examples from their personal or professional life about how they have or want to apply the principles of Compassionate Sheffield. Periodically, guest speakers will join the group and share their story or information about their area of expertise. 


The Committee meets on the second Wednesday of every month 2:00 to 3:00, everyone is welcome. To learn more or to get involved, please contact


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